Key Lime Interactive (KLI) has seen substantial enhancements to the mobile offerings provided by the top eight auto insurance carriers in the United States over the past year. From the addition of robust accident details forms to collect pertinent data on the spot to the ability to fully manage your account and pay your bill via mobile, these mobile properties have truly become “full service”.

Additionally, KLI has learned, via consumer surveying that the ability to submit bill payments, view detailed policy information, and enter detailed accident information are reported to be the elements that mobile auto insurance property users rank most critical.  Acquisition of a price quote without the need to submit sensitive personal information is also preferred. Companies who exhibited these features in a visually appealing, intuitive and highly useable way received the best overall scores our most recent report.

As the carriers continue to be evaluated over time, the gap between the top performers and the remaining mobile offerings appears to be closing, however, notable best-in-class offerings from State Farm and USAA still find a way to keep pushing the bar higher.


The Auto Insurance Mobile Competitive Review by KLI summarizes these key features across the industry so that both the leaders and the small institutions can make at-a-glance decisions about areas that they should work to improve to satisfy their existing and prospective customers.  KLI’s research experts highlight opportunities that they discover in their evaluation and ultimately assist in moving the entire industry forward.

In a detailed report KLI profiles the competitive mobile landscape of the eight largest US auto insurance providers: State Farm, Allstate, GEICO, Progressive, Nationwide, Esurance, USAA and Liberty Mutual and ultimately reveals which insurance company offers the public the best mobile solutions.

The evaluation includes a general discussion about what these companies are doing to provide for their existing and prospective customers via mobile optimized sites and apps (iOS and Android).  Data is captured from real customers of each insurer and includes screenshots of features from behind the login screens of each provider.

In the report, KLI shares the methods employed to rank the carriers based on consumers’ self-reported preferences and insights; provides a best-in-class feature list, as well as a comparative list of the available features of the eight; and identify trends and opportunities that bridge the gap between consumer expectations and the current mobile auto insurance solutions.



An expert capabilities assessment, comparative feature ranking, and user ratings were combined to determine an overall score and ranking.

User feedback was incorporated by gathering responses from users (n=500), to understand which features and tasks were must-haves when it comes to interacting with the mobile property of an auto insurance provider.  From those results we were able to prioritize user’s needs and preferences. We placed the features into three tiers relative to importance and these tiers played a part into the weighted score we awarded each feature when tabulating a final score for each mobile property.  Additional information about the logic included in our scoring algorithm is detailed in the full report.



In summary, the report includes:

  • A complete listing of overall rankings
  • A detailed scoring breakdown of all capabilities and features reviewed
  • A complete list of best-in-class features
  • A comparative list of current mobile capabilities available on each mobile app
  • Detailed descriptions of how users can complete tasks on the mobile device (e.g., pay a bill, file a claim, etc.)
  • User feedback collected about feature preferences
  • A comprehensive list of all mobile apps currently available by these 8 companies



KLI is a recognized leader in syndicated reporting and releases similar studies in a variety of industries quarterly and bi-annually.  It’s notable that KLI’s reports are largely focused on the user’s expectations, satisfaction and overall experiences.  While others publish reports about the technological status or comparison of feature sets, only, KLI’s reports excel at combining the reporting of status with the needs of the audience.  This powerful combination enables industry players to prioritize their efforts as they work on future releases of their digital properties.

This report can be purchased for use by your team.  Please contact us for details.




2011 Webinar – A free webinar to introduce the concept that was conducted after report 1 on May 19, 2011 where partial results from version 1 were discussed.  Note: Version 1 only included 4 carriers.  It wasn’t until the second release that we included 4 additional, totaling 8 carriers.

Auto Insurance Competitive Review Slide Deck
Full Webinar: Auto Insurance Competitive Review