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The Auto Insurance Mobile Competitive Review by KLI summarizes key features across the industry so that both industry leaders and small institutions can make at-a-glance strategic decisions. The report features key areas that drive user satisfaction and quickly identifies areas of improvement to satisfy existing and prospective customers. KLI’s research experts highlight opportunities based on a rigorous independent evaluation and that ultimately identifies trends and opportunities that move the entire industry forward.

In this detailed report, KLI profiles the competitive mobile landscape of the eight largest US auto insurance providers:

  • State Farm
  • Allstate
  • Progressive
  • Nationwide
  • Esurance
  • USAA
  • Liberty Mutual


The evaluation includes a general discussion about what these companies are doing for their existing and prospective customers via mobile-optimized websites and apps (iOS and Android). Data is captured from actual customers of each issuer and includes screenshots of features from behind-the-login screens of each provider.

KLI shares the methods employed to rank the providers based on consumers’ self-reported preferences and insights; provides a best-in-class feature list, as well as a comparative list of the available features; and identify trends and opportunities that bridge the gap between user expectations and the current mobile auto insurance solutions.

Read the overview: Auto Insurance Competitive Index Overview PDF



To create an overall score, we combine a capabilities assessment with user feature importance ratings. The capabilities assessment is created by examining the feature coverage of the auto insurance sites and applications. User ratings are determined by a consumer survey and card sort (n=500), to understand which features and capabilities are must-haves when interacting with the mobile property of an auto insurance provider. From those results we were able to understand what users believed to be most important to them. We use this consumer data to the determined the weighted score we give each feature when tabulating a final score for each mobile property.

Additional information about KLI’s methodology is detailed in the full report.



In summary, the report includes:

  • A complete listing of overall rankings
  • A detailed scoring breakdown of all capabilities and features reviewed
  • A complete list of best-in-class features
  • A comparative list of current mobile capabilities available on each mobile app
  • Detailed descriptions of how users can complete tasks on the mobile device (e.g. pay a bill, file a claim, etc.)
  • User feedback collected regarding feature preferences
  • A comprehensive list of all mobile apps currently available by these eight companies


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