CX Strategy: Millennials & mCommerce

CX Strategy:

Millennials & mCommerce
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CX Strategy Webinar


mCommerce is shifting in a direction to cater towards those that are digital natives (Millennials), not digital immigrants (the rest of us). Personalization and customization are a requirement for Millennials, yet many Fortune 1000 companies are challenged with barriers on infrastructure and data governance that don’t allow for CX/UX professionals to provide an engaging experience for Millennials. This generation is demanding an omnichannel experience at a higher velocity, and as a result, many companies are being challenged with shifting priorities.

This webinar will focus on these topics related to a CX/UX Strategy:

  • Personalization vs. Customization
  • Wearables
  • Digital Storytelling
  • Location-based deals / Geo-location / Beacons / NFC
  • New “buy button” trend (on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and soon, Google)

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Trailblazers Tell All: The Truth Behind Journey Mapping

Trailblazers Tell All:

The Truth Behind Journey Mapping
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The Truth Behind Journey Mapping Webinar


Journey Maps are an easy illustration that accurately represents the current customer experience with your product or service. Journey Mapping is a critical way to capture all of the major touch points that exist across the omni-channel experience. It’s a tool that companies use to help them see what their customers truly want – the real moments of truth/decision points and the ways in which customers go about achieving their needs.

Journey Maps help to visualize existing pain points and opportunities for future engagements with your customers. In this webinar, you’ll learn about the importance of user journeys, and ways to leverage these key components to inform your user experience strategy.

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Inside This Webinar

Learn first-hand experiences from some of the world’s top brands who have personal experience developing journey maps. They’ll have some tips and tricks you can use when incorporating these journeys into your overall CX strategy.

Event Hosts:


  • MODERATOR: Ania Rodriguez, CEO, Key Lime Interactive
  • Rima Campbell, SVP Global UX Research & Usability, Citi
  • Marta Rey-Babarro, Senior UX Manager, Google
  • Bryan Trogdon, Director of User Experience, Office Depot & Office Max

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