Rethinking Journey Mapping with JourneyTrack

CX North America Event Recap

Rethinking Journey
Mapping: JourneyTrack

Key Lime Interactive Unveils a New Journey Mapping Platform


Recently, Key Lime Interactive not only attended but was a proud sponsor of the Forrester CX North America Live Virtual event.

During this event, our CEO & founder was joined by CX leaders from Google, Infoblox & TracFone to unveil  JourneyTrack™, a new CJM platform that takes Journey Mapping to a whole new level.

Catch the full event recap below to see why Key Lime Interactive is Rethinking Journey Mapping with JourneyTrack:


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What is JourneyTrack™?

JourneyTrack™ is an innovative CJM platform that was designed to make it easy for you to understand, track, and prioritize the enterprise customer experience.

It reimagines how teams can all access collaborative journey visualizations, rank and prioritize critical optimization opportunities, ensure inclusive design, access supporting data in the insights hub, and benchmark customer happiness.

Unlike traditional Customer Journey Maps, JourneyTrack provides one central hub for CX teams to:


  • Collaborate real-time on Personas and CJMs over time.
  • Share insights, so all your findings are accessible to everyone.
  • Utilize opportunity scoring so you can know what’s most important and add actions to opportunities.
  • Improve their DEI goals with our included Inclusivity Index.

Event Speakers

Ania Rodriguez

Ania Rodriguez

CEO & Founder

Ania has served as a user experience advisor to Fortune 1000 companies around the world for over two decades on the topics of UX/CX Strategy, UX Research and Design. She founded Key Lime Interactive in 2009 and serves as the CEO. Known for her focus on actionable results and quality, under her leadership the Key Lime Interactive team has achieved double-digit growth over the past 11 years and has been emerged to become one of the leading user experience research firms in the United States. She manages strategic relationships with some of her company’s key accounts including Google, StateFarm Insurance, and GE.

Dali Szostak

Dali Szostak

Head Of User Experience, Trust & Safety, Google

Sally Cohen

Sally Cohen

Customer User Experience Director, Infoblox

Veronica Fernandez

Veronica Fernandez

Sr. Manager & CX Strategy VoC Lead at TracFone Wireless

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CX Strategy: Millennials & mCommerce

CX Strategy:

Millennials & mCommerce
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CX Strategy Webinar


mCommerce is shifting in a direction to cater towards those that are digital natives (Millennials), not digital immigrants (the rest of us). Personalization and customization are a requirement for Millennials, yet many Fortune 1000 companies are challenged with barriers on infrastructure and data governance that don’t allow for CX/UX professionals to provide an engaging experience for Millennials. This generation is demanding an omnichannel experience at a higher velocity, and as a result, many companies are being challenged with shifting priorities.

This webinar will focus on these topics related to a CX/UX Strategy:

  • Personalization vs. Customization
  • Wearables
  • Digital Storytelling
  • Location-based deals / Geo-location / Beacons / NFC
  • New “buy button” trend (on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and soon, Google)

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