CX Strategy: Millennials & mCommerce

mCommerce is shifting in a direction to cater towards those that are digital native (Millennials), not a digital immigrant (the rest of us). Personalization and customization is a requirement for Millennials, yet many Fortune 1000 companies are challenged with barriers on infrastructure and data governance that don’t allow for CX/UX professionals to provide an engaging experience for Millennials. This generation is demanding an omnichannel experience at a higher velocity, and as a result, many companies are being challenged with shifting priorities.

This webinar will focus on these topics related to a CX/UX Strategy:

  • Personalization vs. Customization
  • Wearables
  • Digital Storytelling
  • Location-based deals / Geo-location / Beacons / NFC
  • New “buy button” trend (on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and soon, Google)

CX Strategy Webinar

Join us for a 60-minute LIVE webinar with our CEO, Ania Rodriguez, and insights from two Fortune 1000 UX experts.

Webinar – CX Strategy: Millennials & mCommerce from keylimeinteractive
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