Getting Ready for Mobile Augmented Reality Primetime

The 2nd Masterclass session of our new EmTech series focused on the topic of Mobile Augmented Reality (AR) and how to prepare your brand for Mobile AR. If you weren’t able to attend, you can watch the recap below.

Even if you did watch it, continue reading below to view some highlights from our 2nd session on July 15th, 2020.

Watch Our Mobile Augmented Reality Masterclass Recap:

Tips for Best-in-class Mobile Augmented Reality

Want to make your brand experience one-of-a-kind? Follow the tips below to learn how to leverage Mobile AR to do so:

  1. Make it a brand experience
    Leverage social AR platforms like Snapchat and Instagram for reach. Create a custom Snapchat filter for your brand.
  2. Provide a “Try Before You Buy”
    Increase engagement with products using AR to improve product certainty. This boosts sales and reduces returns.
  3. Personalize online buying experiences
    Increase purchasing confidence and diminish returns by taking the guesswork out of it. Allow users to scan the surrounding area, objects, or take body measurements to provide measurement estimates.
  4. Gamify the experience
    Create a playful and unconventional experience for your end-users to make them come back.
  5. Integrate AR within existing apps
    Create a 360 customer experience by integrating AR with other features of your application.

Even more helpful resources can be found within this worksheet.

Download Worksheet


More on the Topic of Emerging Technology

Fascinated by the world of emerging technology (EmTech)? So are we! In fact, we have a sweet spot for emerging tech. For this reason, we have even more exciting news! Even more EmTech Masterclass sessions are coming to Key Lime Interactive soon! Sign up for alerts regarding dates and details. We look forward to seeing you at the next EmTech Masterclass!

In the meantime, see what our UX Research/Design experts recommend when it comes to implementing XR (extended reality) into products or services (i.e. Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, etc.). If you have any questions regarding emerging technology or AR, please contact

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