Eye Tracking The Mobile User Experience

On April 2nd, our Principal Researcher & Director, Andrew Schall, and User Experience Researcher at Facebook, Jennifer Romano Bergstrom, gave an in-depth LIVE webinar on eye-tracking the user experience.

Eye-tracking is now more accessible to UX professionals than ever before. Recent advancements in technology have made eye tracking less expensive, much easier to use, and flexible enough to track a variety of devices. However, few UX professionals are aware that eye tracking isn’t just for big screens anymore. Mobile devices are becoming a dominant interface for our users and we need to be able to understand what attracts their attention and what they see when interacting with these devices.

This webcast will empower attendees with the knowledge of how eye tracking can be applied to their mobile user research projects as well as best practices for conducting a successful mobile eye-tracking study.

Eye Tracking The Mobile User Experience Panel:

  • HOST: Kelly Nercess, Marketing Coordinator, Key Lime Interactive
  • Andrew Schall, Principal Researcher & Director, Key Lime Interactive
  • Jennifer Romano Bergstrom, User Experience Researcher, Facebook

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