Thinking Outside the Box: What You’re Missing With In-Lab Usability

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As a researcher or product owner, there’s nothing more thrilling than working in the lab: talking with real customers in person, really observing and understanding their needs and desires, and co-creating solutions right there on the spot. At the end of a long day, or two, you’ve identified the issues with your product or service, and created actionable insights based on what you’ve seen and heard. But is that enough?

In our next webinar, “Thinking Outside the Box: What You’re Missing With In-Lab Usability”, our Director of Quantitative Research, Dana Bishop and User Experience Researcher, Phil McGuinness will be discussing quantitative research approaches. The discussion will range from different methodologies to employ, key benefits, and in what situations they are more useful than a qualitative in-lab study. They’ll also be sharing some keen insights and best practices learned along the way, during their combined 30+ years of experience in the field. Please join us!


UXPA Webinar on Presumptive Design

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