How We Work

Working partnership

We provide a blend of resources to balance quality, speed, and continuity. 

Our clients provide guidance and subject matter expertise.  


Set the Stage

At Key Lime Interactive, our process begins here. Discovery is a pivotal phase where we prioritize understanding your unique needs and challenges. Through in-depth consultations, we aim to grasp the intricacies of your project, aligning our strategies with your objectives. Our team works closely with yours to define the scope and variables of the project, ensuring clarity and transparency from the outset.

Define & Setup

Establish Scope

In the “Define & Setup” phase, we transition from exploration to action, setting the stage for a structured and collaborative journey. This stage is marked by the establishment of clear communication channels, ensuring seamless interaction between our team and yours throughout the project lifecycle. We craft a comprehensive research plan, meticulously outlining the methodologies and techniques we’ll employ to gather insights and drive informed decisions.



In the “Kick-Off” stage, we solidify the foundation laid in previous phases, transitioning from planning to execution. This pivotal moment marks the official commencement of the project, as we define clear roles and responsibilities within our collaborative ecosystem. By establishing transparent lines of communication and accountability, we ensure that every team member understands their contribution towards project success.



In the “Execute” stage, we dive headfirst into UX research, putting our meticulously crafted plans into action. Throughout this phase, we maintain ongoing communication channels to ensure transparency and collaboration at every step of the journey. With a keen focus on quality assurance, we exercise proactive oversight, continuously monitoring progress to uphold the highest standards of excellence.



In the culminating “Delivery” stage, we bring our collective efforts to fruition, delivering the project with precision and care. As we present the final product, we embark on a reflective journey, examining both the strengths and weaknesses encountered throughout the process. This introspective approach allows us to glean valuable insights, fostering continuous improvement and growth within our team and yours.

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