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Our mission is to bring clarity to the thought leaders, trailblazers and innovators who seek new ways to enhance the user experience.


Our vision is a world where clients turn to us to perfect the user experience and develop outstanding products that change the lives of their customers.

Ania Rodriguez


Ania Rodriguez has served as a user experience advisor to Fortune 500 companies around the world for nearly the past two decades on the topics of User Interface Design, Product Design, and User Research. Known for her focus on actionable results and quality, Ania’s leadership has resulted in double-digit growth over the past six years and the company has emerged to become the leading user experience research firm in the United States.

Alex Rodriguez


Jennifer Knodler


Eugenio Santiago

VP of User Research

Dana Bishop

Director of Quantitative Research

Andrew Schall

Principal Researcher & Sr. Director

Jonathan Knopf

Senior User Researcher

David Hoberman

Senior User Researcher

Phil McGuinness

User Experience Researcher

Rick Damaso

Research Specialist

Andrea Bascetta

Research Associate

Alan Patrick

Relationship Manager

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