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What We Do

The user experience you offer customers is critical for developing and maintaining brand loyalty. Our user research consulting expertise can help you get a better handle on how your UX is and isn’t building a stronger bond between you and your market.

Whether your in-house team lacks the necessary background, you want to root out the biases in your own research or you’re looking for more meaningful ways to spread insights throughout your organization, our UX design consultants can point you in the right direction.

CX/UX Strategy

Create your long-term customer experience strategy.

User Research

Inform strategy through qualitative and quantitative user experience research studies.  

UX/UI Design

Create and validate user centered designs. 

Customer Journey Mapping

Understand, track & prioritize customer journeys with JourneyTrack.

Competitive Insights

Get industry-specific Mobile UX competitive intelligence.

EmTech Strategy

Ideate & implement Voice Tech & XR into your products.

Years in Business

Industries We Serve

Fortune 500 Clients

Key Lime Proven Process

To ensure that we always deliver high-quality and trusted outcomes, Key Lime Interactive employs a proven process with each engagement. This ensures that you know what’s next, you know the best ways to communicate often with our team, and you understand the direction of the outcomes before you receive them so that you’re always satisfied and prepared for action.

KLI Proven Process

Why Choose Us

Actionable Insights that Keep Pace 

Receive fast-track insights you need to make smarter product decisions. Accelerate growth and engagement with Key Lime research and our proprietary tools and processes including Competitive Insights and JourneyTrack.

DEI Index at Your Fingertips

We created our proprietary Inclusivity Index to help make it easier for companies to understand how they can strive to be more inclusive through their research, brands, products, and services.

Diversity is in our Roots

The diversity of lived experiences of our people are our greatest trade secret and it’s reflected in the integrity of insights we'll deliver to you and brands around the world.

We are Global

As a founding members of the UX Fellows Alliance with over 26 locations around the globe, we'll support your global needs.

How to Get Started


Meet with a KLI Team Member

Schedule a time to discuss your current project and UX needs with a Key Lime Interactive user experience consultant.


Get Actionable CX/UX Insights

Next, our UX consultants will propose a project scope that includes how we’ll handle the research methodology, the participants, and recruitment for you.


Make Smarter Business Decisions

You’ll receive a high-level report containing all the CX/UX research insights, any survey responses or recordings, Q&A’s and our recommendations.



"...your contributions to [the project] have been invaluable and provided us with the most comprehensive feedback from real users we’ve had in a while. Thank you for helping us lay the framework for great things ahead: we couldn’t have done it without you! Thank you for everything!"

Senior Researcher / Google

"I’ve really enjoyed working with [Key Lime Interactive]. [They] did great work recruiting, organizing, fielding, synthesizing and keeping the project headed in the right direction. I hope we get another opportunity in the near future."

Head Researcher / Bose Corporation

"My VP...emailed me, my manager, my managers boss, and even his boss, saying how impressed he was with our study, presentation, report. That's huge. Big time kudos! Great job!"

Staff Researcher / Roku

"I'm reading through the final report for the Express Checkout study and I wanted to pause and let you know that your reports get better and better. This is the best final report of all of them over the last few years. The information displayed is awesome. You should be proud of your team!"

UX Architect / Southwest Airlines


"Great job .... Well done again! Thank you for running an excellent study and for delivering this report ahead of time. I’m reviewing it now and there are several suggestions that seem to be spot-on."

Design Lead / Cisco



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