Optimize The Experience. Inform Design.

  • Website

    Why are visitors dropping off? How do I stack up against my competition? How usable is the site?

  • Mobile

    Is your mobile application or site meeting the needs of your target audience? We'll run a usability study to get you actionable insights.

  • Digital Widgets

    Are your digital widgets (TV/Auto) ready to go to market? Gather insights of users through a hybrid usability ethnography approach.

  • Product

    Is your product ready to go to market? Design and conduct a usability study that the FDA will find acceptable for your 510(k) submission?

Why Key Lime Interactive

Key Lime Interactive is a user research firm that conducts both qualitative and quantitative research for Fortune 2000 companies, mid-to-large design agencies, and government agencies. We make it our business to answer research questions that help a company move the needle in terms of acquisition, convergence, and customer experience differentiation.

Our customers tell us that it’s easy to design products in your own vision, but moving beyond your own perspective presents challenges.

Key Lime Interactive becomes your lens. We strive to intimately understand your product. We consult with your consumers on a level they can relate to we can understand their world and your offering the way they do. We excel at blending these two levels of understanding to direct you down the path of innovative, thoughtful, intuitive and consumer-driven solutions.

We conduct user research around the world with usability/human factors trained consultants in the U.S., Latin America, Europe, and Asia. Contact us at sales@keylimeinteractive.com or by calling us directly at 305.809.0555 x 10.

KLI couldn’t be happier to welcome Dana Bishop to our team as our new Director of Quantitative Research. Dana has been working in the field of user research for 20 years and flaunts extensive experience with a variety of research methods, but, above all, Dana has perfected the art and science of creating a simple, yet highly-informative large-scale online user experience research studies. Her graceful presentation of traditional scaled questions and directed tasks for users results in detailed feedback, thoughtful analysis and poignant evidence that informs design for clients far and wide.

After just three short months as part of the KLI team, Dana’s expertise is in high-demand! Custom studies are exceeding client expectations and all the while, Dana and other Key Limer’s are preparing the following types of reports for incremental release:

- Mobile Competitive Index Reports
- Industry Specific Competitive Benchmark studies
- Custom Competitive Benchmark Studies