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Let Us Help You With:

1) Determining the ROI of CUI

2) Lexicon Strategy

3) Lexicon Building

4) Refining CUI Performance

Want some pointers right now?

Everyone has experienced their fair share of frustration using voice-command products, whether it is your smart home assistant, your car, your bank’s customer support hotline, or the latest VR or mobile app games.

Join Key Lime Interactive in a 30-minute webinar to learn about the complexity related to designing these products, and how we break-down common problems to create exceptional conversational user interfaces.

Are you building a custom CUI?
Key Lime Interactive can help:


Determine ROI

We help our clients determine the ROI of developing or not developing a conversational UI.


Lexicon Strategy

We advise our clients on how to build an effective lexicon that yields a positive customer experience.


Lexicon Building

We assist in building the lexicon/database utterances.


Refine Performance

We use our research to refine the performance of existing or in-development CUIs.

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