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Customer Journey Map

A successful customer journey mapping process captures the various stages of the customer experience with your company, and the emotional responses the experience generates. It also identifies potential gaps between what customers need, or expect from your business, and what you provide.

Building Customer Journey Maps Together

Presumptive, Current, or Future State CJMs

These are most effective when we bring stakeholders together to explore where the brand, product or service is today and what the vision of the future looks like.

Top-down executive interviews tell part of the story, empathy map workshops, and competitive analysis illustrate what your team thinks they know about the customer’s holistic experience.

Adding contextual inquiry sharpens all of our perspectives and allows us to come together and dream about the best experiences you can provide.

All of this combined results in a detailed customer journey map. This serves as a blueprint for the team to identify what’s next and how to take action.

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KLI’s Journey Maps Detail

Key Lime Interactive will build your journey maps with:

  • Comparison between Personas and ways to ensure easy recognition of different sets of needs
  • Emotional and behavioral insights associated with your customers’ frequent tasks or use cases
  • Customer pleasure and pain; both self-reported and observed sentiment
  • A prioritized list of opportunities ranked by KLI’s Opportunity Score
  • KLI’s Inclusivity Index Scoring to identify research bias and set inclusivity goals

Already have comprehensive customer experience journey mapping, but need help with organization collaboration and gaining insights from your data? We can help.

Key Lime CJM Methodology:

Here’s the proven 4-step process we will use to create successful digital customer journey mapping for your team:



  • Gather data from existing sources
  • Conduct Top-down Exec 1-1s / Stakeholder Interviews
  • Understand what business metrics your client current uses (e.g. CSAT, NPS, Churn, etc.)
  • Launch baseline quantitative survey
    (importance vs. current satisfaction)


Understand Current Journey

  • Identify Most Impactful
  • Journeys Conduct Journey Diagnostic
  • Build lean versions of CJMs
  • Conduct co-creation CJMs with customers


Create Future Journey Maps

  • Root-cause analysis
  • Build future CJM
  • Create detailed action plans
  • 30-minute sessions


Socialize & Operationalize

  • Track outcomes
  • Iterate Future Journey Maps
  • Sustain-at-scale
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Consumer Journey Maps Are Ripe for Disruption

It’s time for a better way for industries to approach journey maps that makes it make business sense. People should be inclined to jump at the opportunity to get a journey map done, instead of making excuses for why they didn’t. Here are 3 reasons why the industry is ripe for disruption:


  • No matter how you slice it, creating a journey map from scratch is resource-intensive.
  • Popular mediums limit a journey map’s impact inside an organization.
  • Journey maps are going to be the DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) tool of the new decade.

Reimagine Journey Mapping with JourneyTrack™

Make Your Research Come Alive

Together with our top enterprise clients including Google, Amazon, Tracfone, Infoblox and others, KLI built JourneyTrack™, a new platform that takes CX Journey Mapping to a whole new level.

JourneyTrack™ reimagines how teams can all access collaborative customer journey visualizations, rank and prioritize critical optimization opportunities, ensure inclusive design, access supporting data in the insights hub, and benchmark customer happiness.


"Journey Maps are long, they have a lot of how can we make it digestible, how can we make sure everybody completely got the main pain points and problems that need to be solved..." This is where a trusted partner can bridge the gap.

CX Strategy VOC Lead / TracFone Wireless

"Journey Mapping, like so many other you keep your focus on the customer....but because CX and UX often aren't in the same parts of the organization, they often don't have that integrated picture of the customer journey...what needs to happen is they need to create a comprehensive journey map [because] having that partner and the right tool is really an enabler for creating that comprehensive journey for CX & UX."

Director of UX / InfoBlox

"Sometimes you get this question or this nagging feeling, 'has this really been designed for me...?' And the truth is most likely no....The magical thing about having a way a to visualize how well we're doing in terms of Diversity & as researchers, we can let the data speak for itself and it's really game-changing to have a something in a tool [like JourneyTrack] that would allow us to track and well we're doing in the health of Diversity & Inclusion."

Head of UX / Google



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