Key Lime Interactive Releases Mobile Banking Competitive Insights Report

Miami, FL: As part of its revolutionary, one-of-a-kind insights platform, Key Lime Interactive has released its latest competitive analysis of customer mobile banking user experiences. This report examines the top nine banking institutions in the United States and their respective mobile websites and applications and is based on survey responses from over 500 real consumers. As the twenty-fifth competitive review studying these leading financial brands, this report is the newest addition to Key Lime’s library of such reports on UX in mobile banking. The analysis reveals new data on customer preferences, best practices for mobile UX, emerging trends like touchless ATMs and improved security features for travelers. 

A key feature of the report is the comparative analysis of specific features and functionalities that are most valued by today’s consumers, broken down by both feature and device type, including apps for both iOS and Android devices. Leading financial brands can harness this wealth of data to make empowered business decisions to connect with modern consumers. Key Lime Interactive’s analysts leveraged survey data to highlight some of the most sought-after capabilities, including:

  • Access to Account Information
  • Account Settings and Alerts
  • Bill Pay
  • Financial Management
  • Peer-to-Peer Transfers
  • Pending Payments and Transfers
  • Security
  • And more

Of the current market for mobile banking, Eugene Santiago, Senior Vice President of Research at Key Lime Interactive said, “The mobile banking landscape grows more competitive by the day. Banks who can anticipate consumer expectations and other trends in mobile banking are far more likely to delight customers and build brand loyalty. Our proprietary platform for Competitive Insights allows banks to stay ahead of these expectations with semi-annual in-depth analyses. These reports are rich with expert reviews, and, most importantly, brimming with the feedback from today’s customers.”

Subscribers to Key Lime Interactive’s Competitive Insights not only gain access to the report itself but also to the interactive platform, which is updated with new consumer data and details on up-and-coming features for mobile banking. The Competitive Insights platform also provides similar competitive research for a variety of other industries, including home and renter’s insurance mobile UX, auto insurance mobile experience, and credit card mobile UX.

Learn more about the Mobile Banking Competitive Insights Report.

About Key Lime Interactive
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Ultimately, KLI empowers teams to use consumer insights and user experience data at all phases of product development, from strategy to implementation. The company’s experts share the true perspective of a client’s target users to help them design exceptional consumer-driven solutions. Research studies are delivered with KLI’s proprietary Inclusivity IndexTM report, which makes it easy to identify how studies meet broad inclusivity goals to build a more inclusive brand, product, or service.