Key Lime Interactive Releases Mobile Banking Competitive Insights Report

Key Lime Interactive has released the latest competitive analysis report for consumer demand in mobile banking, comparing the top nine banking institutions in the United States. This report takes an in-depth look at which mobile capabilities are most important to consumers and how well industry leaders deliver on these capabilities. 

By collecting survey responses from 500 current mobile banking consumers, the report offers performance scores for each bank across 18 capability categories, as identified as being most important to consumers. These include mobile deposits, online bill pay, account information, rewards, and more. Along with ratings for each bank, the report provides screenshots of actual user interfaces, graphs, and data that’s simple to understand and turn into actionable insights.

This report features a comparative analysis of what matters most to consumers, broken down into specific categories, including data for mobile websites and apps for both iOS and Android devices. Our team of expert analysts compiled survey data to highlight the features consumers are most eager to find in mobile banking, including:

  • Account details
  • Mobile funds transfers
  • Online bill pay
  • Check deposits
  • App performance
  • Products and services
  • Security
  • And more

Subscribing to Key Lime Interactive’s Competitive Insights means unlocking a world of new mobile banking potential through the full report. This report is updated every six months, which means subscribers gain access to the most current information about what consumers want in mobile banking, and how well industry leaders are delivering on these demands. Competitive Insights also offers competitive research for a range of industries, including home and renters’ insurance, mobile auto insurance UX, and credit card mobile UX.

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About Key Lime Interactive

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