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Step 1: UX Competitive Benchmarking

How does your site stack up against the competition? This is the first step in Key Lime Interactive’s competitive benchmarking analysis. Our experts examine websites and mobile applications from your competitors and their clients. They then compare user experiences across a variety of qualitative and quantitative analyses to determine where your UX is delivering the optimal experience and where improvements are needed.

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Step 2: User Pain Point Analysis

Next is analysis of user pain points. Where are they encountering issues with your site? What’s working as intended, and what’s frustrating users when they look for product or service information? Are there specific actions on your site that are difficult to complete or hard to understand?

In-depth user analysis starts with surveys: What do visitors say they want when visiting your site? What features and functions are they trying to find? Action analysis follows. What are users clicking on when they’re on your site or in your app? Where do they start looking, and when do they leave? Why?

In combination, user surveys and action analysis provide a comprehensive picture of user behavior, priorities and pain points.

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Step 3: Your Competitive Benchmarking Report

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By combining website and user pain point analysis, KLI creates a comprehensive competitor evaluation benchmark report. This report provides insight into how your site and app UX compares to the competition at scale, and what your userbase is looking for when they click through to your site.

The combination helps inform ongoing web and application design strategy. By understanding shared market expectations when it comes to UX, you’re better equipped to take targeted action that results in ROI growth. Armed with knowledge about the specific preferences of your customers, meanwhile, you’re prepared to make meaningful changes that drive increased engagement over time.

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