UX Agency Launches the 1st Mobile UX Competitive Analysis Platform

Miami, FL: Key Lime Interactive (KLI), a leading partner in strategic competitive analysis, unveils Competitive Insights, a new easy-to-use platform to compare the mobile CX of brands across industries including auto insurance, banking, credit cards, home insurance, and more through the features and capabilities of their mobile touchpoints.

KLI has been publishing print-based competitive index and benchmark reports since 2011 since 2011, including competitive assessments of mobile solutions across the industries of auto insurance, banking, credit cards, home insurance, cruise, hotel reservations, fast food, and more. Thanks to this new digital platform, keeping track of your mobile competition just got easier.

Competitive Insights is a first of its kind enterprise platform to offer on-demand comprehensive mobile UX competitive insights for banking, credit card, auto/home insurance, and much more. Thanks to this innovative new tool, executives in these industries won’t have to sort through 60+ pages of competitive rankings comparing how they measure up to their competitors anymore. Now, with just a few clicks, they can easily:

  • View industry updates every 6 months
  • Access dynamic feature change tracking tables
  • See how real consumers ranked mobile product features in their industry
  • Explore play-by-play screenshots from a central hub

When asked about this ground-breaking new platform Ania Rodriguez, CEO and Founder of Key Lime Interactive, stated, “We’ve envisioned creating this tool for some time now. We are thrilled to not only finally see this dream come to fruition, but also to make it accessible to our portfolio of clients.” She goes on to say, “At Key Lime, we’ve always considered ourselves thought leaders, and the way we see it, creating innovative new products helps our clients accelerate research in a way that truly puts them ahead.”

Key Lime believes that companies who make innovation a strategic priority and are dedicated to investing in meeting consumer needs by delivering a best-in-class mobile experience will continue to gain market share. The “Trends & Innovations” section of Competitive Insights is dedicated to taking a glimpse into the future. It highlights current trends, evolving consumer needs and preferences, and predicts the most noteworthy elements to consider when endeavoring to provide a meaningful and successful user experience in the coming months and years.

About Key Lime Interactive

Located in the New York and Miami metro area, Key Lime Interactive (KLI) is a User Experience (UX) research and service design agency with a sweet spot for emerging technology. Key Lime’s UX experts provide actionable insights for every industry sector to help their growing list of Fortune 100 clients understand and effectively engage their customers. Ultimately, KLI empowers teams to use consumer insights and user experience data at any and all phases of product development, from strategy to implementation. Our experts share the true perspective of a client’s target users to help companies build exceptional consumer-driven solutions.