Eugene Santiago, President, KLIMiami, FL – Key Lime Interactive (KLI), a leading full-service user experience research agency for some of the world’s biggest brands, announced today that as of October 25, 2023, Eugenio Santiago has been promoted to President of the Company after having served as SVP of Research since 2018. Ania Rodriguez stepped down as CEO and shall remain the Chairwoman of the Board of Key Lime Interactive.

“Eugenio has been by my side every step of the way in building Key Lime into the well-respected UX/CX research and strategy firm it is today. Not only is he an expert researcher, he understands the ins and outs of our business and has been at the forefront of shaping our culture since the beginning,” said Ania Rodriguez, Chairwoman of the Board. “As President of Key Lime Interactive, Eugenio will continue to lead the company with customer-centric vision, expertise, and empathy.”

Eugenio is credited with creating the methodology that is used to conduct KLI’s industry-specific competitive indices which have grown from a single report back in 2012 to a thriving division of KLI’s business which releases over 10 reports spanning a variety of industries, including mobile banking, home and renters insurance, and auto insurance. Based on customer survey responses from the largest brands, the Competitive Insights report provides performance rankings as well as important insights into customer preferences, UX design best practices, and emerging industry trends and innovations. 

Additionally, Eugenio contributed heavily to the visible maturation to a more user-centered design approach for one of the world’s largest banking and technology brands. With KLI as a strategic partner, this company’s UX research team has grown from one individual conducting mostly validation-style research to a thriving team responsible for advocating and integration of the user’s needs into the product development cycle.

Key Lime Interactive President Eugenio Santiago said, “I am truly excited to lead Key Lime Interactive through the next phase of growth. Usability research plays a vital role in ensuring success of a new product or service especially through these rapidly changing times. We have a great track record in partnering with some of the largest brands in the world and I am excited to grow Key Lime Interactive’s product and client portfolio.”

About Key Lime Interactive
Key Lime Interactive (KLI) is a Customer Experience (CX) and User Experience (UX) research and strategy services agency focused on helping companies take a human-first approach to building better brand experiences, products, and services. Key Lime’s UX experts provide actionable insights for every industry sector to help their growing list of Fortune 100 clients understand and effectively engage their customers. 

Ultimately, KLI empowers teams to use consumer insights and user experience data at all phases of product development, from strategy to implementation. The company’s experts share the true perspective of a client’s target users to help them design exceptional consumer-driven solutions. Research studies are delivered with KLI’s proprietary Inclusivity Index™ report, which makes it easy to identify how studies meet broad inclusivity goals to build a more inclusive brand, product, or service.

This release first appeared on PR Web.