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Credit Card Competitive Benchmarking

(Published Bi-Annual in February and August)

The Mobile Credit Card Competitive Analysis by our innovation arm, Key Lime Labs, summarizes these new, successful, and well-received features across the finance industry so that both the industry leaders and institutions, large and small, can make at-a-glance decisions. This analysis features key areas that drive user satisfaction and quickly identify areas of improvement to satisfy existing and prospective customers. KLI’s research experts highlight opportunities based on a rigorous independent evaluation and that ultimately identifies trends and opportunities that move the entire industry forward.

Mobile Credit Card Competitive Index Report

In this detailed report, Key Lime Interactive (KLI) reviews the competitive mobile landscape of nine (9) of the top US credit card issuers, and ultimately reveals which bank offers its users the best mobile solutions:

  • American Express
  • Bank of America
  • Chase (JP Morgan Chase)
  • Citibank (Citigroup)
  • Capital One
  • Discover
  • USAA
  • Wells Fargo & Company
  • U.S. Bank

This report goes far beyond a basic heuristic evaluation or expert review; KLI’s methodology is unique because it incorporates consumer preferences. An important part of our analysis is a 500-person survey of smartphone owners in which they are asked to weigh in and identify the features and capabilities that they consider critical for a successful experience with the mobile site or app offered by their credit card company. KLI’s intent in creating this third-party syndicated report is to:

    1. Provide consumer-driven data to help guide credit card issuers as they prioritize features to implement. This guidance will be based on the results of a current consumer survey.
    2. To summarize how credit card companies differentiate themselves from their competitors through the capabilities and features that they offer.

View Credit Card Competitive Index Overview: Credit Card Competitive Index Overview

Mobile UX Credit Card Methodology

To create an overall score, we combine a capabilities assessment with user feature importance ratings. The capabilities assessment is created by examining the feature coverage of credit card sites and applications. User ratings are determined by a consumer survey and card sort.

Our review of the primary mobile properties includes a full verification of the financial institutions’ capabilities. The unmodified score represents feature coverage or the bank’s offerings by category. This is a binary evaluation reflecting the possession of certain criteria.

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Capabilities and Features to be Assessed

  • Secure Log In Process
  • Fraud Protection & Security
  • Account Activity/History
  • Account Settings/Management
  • Bill Payment
  • Rewards
  • Customer Support
  • Social Media

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Brand Ratings

Curious who the top-ranking brands in your industry are? Here’s a sneak peek, but click below to request a full mobile UX competitive analysis:



Mobile Web Score: 87%


Capital One

Mobile Web Score: 83%



Mobile Web Score: 83%

Competitive Insights

The unbiased third-party mobile UX research you need to stay ahead of your competitors. Competitive Insights, an intuitive competitive intelligence software, incorporates consumer preferences of features and capabilities that they consider critical for a successful experience including:


  • A complete listing of overall rankings
  • A detailed scoring breakdown of all capabilities and features reviewed
  • Screenshots from behind the login screens of all competitors sites & apps
  • A comparative list of current mobile capabilities available on each mobile app
  • Detailed descriptions of how users can complete tasks on the mobile device
  • User feedback collected regarding feature preferences
  • Identifies key success factors, best-in-class features, areas for improvement, and why some companies are lagging behind
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Mobile UX Competitive Insights Platform

Best-in-class Mobile CX Comparisons

Gain insights into typical behaviors and context for the use of your product with year-over-year brand performance ratings across mobile web + mobile app across iOS and Android.

Play-by-Play Screenshot

Get full access to a library of screenshots of your competitor’s latest mobile designs indexed by feature, brand, and release date.

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See when top brands in your industry update, remove or add new mobile features.

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View results from over 500 active consumers on the mobile features they value most in your industry.

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