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Key Lime Interactive’s (KLI) Rapid Research, also known as QuickInsights, is a User Experience (UX) testing approach that is fast, simple, and actionable.

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Efficient UX Research

User Experience testing can take weeks, sometimes months, to accomplish. Some companies only deliver generic participant videos that aren’t meaningful or actionable. 

This doesn’t work. That’s why we’ve created Rapid Research, a five-day research process that delivers rich, insightful user feedback. 

Rather than a lengthy report, we lead a collaborative data immersion workshop. You walk away clearly understanding your users’ pain points and exactly what to do about it.

How Our Rapid UX Research Works

As a full-service UX research agency, Key Lime helps companies gain visibility into the impact of their existing UX, discover what’s working, and pinpoint what needs to improve.

Our user research experience with both large enterprises and public sector agencies has helped lay the foundation for our five-day UX study model, which is significantly faster than the industry average. The Key Lime user research design starts with in-depth preparation for study sessions including a complete understanding of your research goals and the identification of your ideal target audience.

Next, our teams run multiple sessions, analyze the results, and then run a workshop with your company that provides actionable recommendations to improve UX at scale. Put simply? While our process is fast it’s also incredibly focused, letting you get the most out of your UX research investment.

Rapid Research Timeline:

Here’s the timeline for our five-day research process that delivers rich, insightful user feedback:


Kickoff & Recruitment

Kickoff Actions:

  • Internal planning meeting
  • Understand client’s research goals
  • Define target audience

Recruitment Actions:

  • Develop screener
  • Coordinate with recruiter


Study Prep

  • Develop discussion guide
  • Prepare equipment
  • Conduct dry run



  • Prep time
  • Run Study sessions:
    • 10 participants
    • 30-minute sessions



  • Analyze results
  • Create executive summary
  • Create findings artifacts



  • Run a collaborative workshop (2 hours)
  • Send all deliverables to the client

"From the kick-off to results, QuickInsights projects conclude in a matter of days, not weeks or months, and are the perfect complement (or even replacement) to more conventional UX Testing techniques. Supporting Kroger with participant screening, discussion guide creation, session moderation, analysis, to final deliverables always exceeds expectations."

Carlo Thomas Seta / Kroger

"Great job .... Well done again! Thank you for running an excellent study and for delivering this report ahead of time. I’m reviewing it now and there are several suggestions that seem to be spot-on."

Josh / Cisco



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