Data Visualization Services

Data visualization helps businesses turn their biggest asset — big data — into actionable insight. By transforming disparate data points into charts, graphs, tables, or interactive data visualizations, companies can both discover new data connections and boost decision-making confidence.

Not sure where to get started? KLI can help.

What You See — and What You Get — With KLI

Depending on the nature of your data and current business needs, your best-fit visualization will vary. No matter what you’re looking for — and what you hope to see — KLI can help.

Consider a company just getting started with database visualization. The sheer variety of tools and technologies available, coupled with the increasing volume of data collected, can make this a daunting task. KLI can help your team understand the types of data you have, pinpoint the visualization method(s) that align with this data, and deliver clear and concise visual outcomes.

KLI’s data visualization services also help companies make best use of qualitative customer data that doesn’t easily lend itself to chart or graph visualization. From word clouds to customer journey maps, effective visualization of the customer experience makes it possible to pinpoint growth opportunities.

Looking for customized data visualization for websites, applications, or other data-generating services? We’ve got you covered. In-depth experience with tools like D3.js and React let our teams create customized visualization frameworks to meet your specific needs.


Benefits of Data Visualization

Data visualization offers significant value for businesses. Some of the biggest benefits include:

Improved decision-making

The goal of big data visualization is to improve business outcomes. Also known as datafication, this process collects “dark data” — data stored but previously unused — then curates and correlates it to produce clear visualizations that help underpin executive decision-making.

Time and cost savings

The use of database visualization tools can also help drive time and cost savings. Instead of relying on generalized market information to predict new trends or customer preferences, visualizations based on timely and accurate data let companies see strategy courses quickly and confidently, in turn saving time and money.

Increased optimization

Using visualizations, businesses can optimize current offerings. Consider a customer-facing application. By creating a visualization of commonly reported errors or concerns, companies can pinpoint where improvements will have the biggest effect on customer satisfaction.

KLI: See What Sets Us Apart

The more you see, the more you know. This is especially critical when it comes to customer experience (CX) and user experience (UX). Without a complete understanding of where sites and apps are working as intended — and where they don’t measure up — business decision-making happens in the dark.

KLI helps shine a light on your most valuable asset with accurate and actionable data visualizations that drive better business outcomes. Ready to see what we can do together? Get in touch.