White Papers

We talk to 30+ companies on any given day. We’ve put together a few
white papers to highlight some of the bigger questions in the UX industry.

Competitive Mobile Rankings

Every 6 months the Key Lime team creates syndicated reports that are available for sale to interested parties. These industry reports take into consideration not only what features a mobile app or site have, but how important said features are and which one is better from a usability perspective.

Competitive Index Reports

  • Our competitive index reports are syndicated offerings that are published bi-annually for each industry.
  • The reports combine heuristic analysis with consumer survey data to create a snapshot of the current mobile site and where each company can improve.
  • Full verification of each companies’ capabilities and features, consumer survey, and feature prioritization card sort (n=500).

Competitive Benchmark Studies

  • Statistically reliable, detailed, and insightful research published annually from hundreds of users providing specific behaviors, thoughts and opinions about their experience online.
  • Quantitative Metrics (success, satisfaction, ease of use, likelihood to purchase, etc.), Behavioral Data (where users go on the site to complete task) and Qualitative Data (real user feedback/ comments about likes/ dislikes, what’s helpful/ confusing).