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HTML5 or Native OS: Which is Right for Your Business?

March 3, 2014 | Android App Development ipad mCommerce mobile Strategy usability

A hot topic right now in mobile user experience is the debate between providing an HTML5 web app versus a more traditional Native OS app. Simply put, HTML5 is a method of programming a mobile website to behave like an app (think which can be accessed through any modern tablet or smartphone browser. Conversely, apps written for a Native OS are developed to run directly on Android or iOS smartphones (they are designed for each native platform), and must be downloaded through the GooglePlay Store or Apple App Store. Both approaches are a great way to provide web content to smartphone and tablet users, and they each have their own strengths and weaknesses. Which of these approaches is right for your business? At Key Lime Interactive, we are exploring this question in depth, and have key information to help you make the right decision

Many Shades of Grey: Responsive Design vs. Adaptive Layout

February 1, 2013 | ipad mCommerce mobile Responsive Web Design usability

Once upon a time…

In the first century of the 3rd millennium (aka the 21st century) the world was full of websites designed and developed with high-speed internet access in mind.  Then one day, mobile feature phones were introduced: Palm, Inc. (remember them?), Kyocera 6035 and the HP iPaq h6315 look. Today they look like something from the dark ages! It wasn’t until 2009 that a few companies started noting mobile phone usage rising and started to develop their own mobile initiatives. At that time, data networks had far slower speeds.   Designers were faced with a problem:  they needed to allow the small screen carrying “on-the-go” user access to their content without frustration.

The solution:  Native apps and m.sites were born.   Brilliant.  Limited function to be viewed in this mobile context.  It made complete sense.  Traditional websites and mobile solutions lived independently and happily One of our clients said then “all we want is a mobile site that looks like our contemporary [then mid-90s!] website.”.

But, then one day the K48 (the iPad) and other tablets joined the list of available offerings for both home and on-the-go users.  Android and more recently Win8 tablets followed suit and here we are on the edge of a holiday season where the tablet is the number one gift. The tablets that were introduced had screen sizes that weren’t quite as large as a super-sized widescreen monitor and weren’t quite as tiny as a smartphone.  Designers stopped in their tracks and considered a new challenge:  Do we continue to design a solution for every form factor that emerges or is it possible to try to find a way to make our websites accessible AND user friendly across all form factors?

KLUE Labs Announces the Release of KLUE Mobile

November 7, 2012 | KLUE mobile News remote testing usability

KLUE Mobile Simplifies Mobile User Testing: Unique Tool Records On-Screen Activity and Gestures Along with Audio of Mobile Users Wherever They Are.
KLUE Labs, a new company formed out of a partnership between leaders in user experience research and mobile app development Key Lime Interactive and Crucian Point, has announced the beta release of their flagship product KLUE Mobile. KLUE Mobile is a tool that captures user interaction with mobile websites and immediately delivers video clips complete with on-screen activity, gestures and audio to design teams and researchers looking to see their products in action.
With KLUE Mobile design teams and researchers can use their own list of iOS users or utilize the diverse panel offered by KLUE Labs to screen in participants for qualitative mobile user experience studies. Users can take studies from anywhere in the world at a time and place that is most comfortable for them. This tool eliminates the need to schedule test time or have participants visit a test facility.
Once a study has been designed using the KLUE Mobile web interface…

Allstate Continues to Note the Needs of Hispanic Customers

April 25, 2012 | Hispanic mobile usability

Key Lime Interactive’s Mobile Insurance Report Identifies AllState as the Only Carrier in the Top 8 to Offer Mobile Properties in Spanish
In 2009 AllState made it clear that they were working to ensure effective communication and business practices with both the English and Spanish speaking US communities in which they offered their services. They integrated a Spanish-language national marketing campaign, complete with targeted tv spots and a Spanish website version that continued through 2010 and beyond. Today, those business goals remain unchanged and separate AllState from their competitors. In a recent study by the marketing research and usability company Key Lime Interactive, it was reported that of the top 8 US auto insurance providers, AllState was the only provider who offered their mobile solutions in Spanish.

Industry Study: Today’s Retail Customers Report Their Needs and Expectations of a Mobile Shopping Experience

January 31, 2012 | e-commerce platforms mCommerce mobile usability

Key Lime Interactive conducted a study aimed at understanding mobile shopping behavior. The results reveal key features users require, at-home and in-store mobile shopping behavior, and more.
In today’s consumer landscape we see retailers expanding and spending time to enhance their mobile offering in an effort to increase conversion on their mCommerce sites and apps. Often times, as they aim to keep up with the rapid pace of mobile growth, retailers fail to align their business objectives with their target end-user’s mindset, behaviors and preferences. To mitigate this problem Key Lime Interactive (KLI), a leader in mobile consumer experience testing and design, conducts frequent surveys to understand usage, trends, expectations, needs and preferences of retail consumers so that they may offer their clients current and relevant actionable recommendations for innovative, consumer-driven interfaces.

8 Tips: Improve Design & Increase Mobile Commerce Conversion

October 21, 2011 | e-commerce platforms mCommerce mobile roi of usability testing usability

Real users reveal trends. KLI takes note.
As top retailers strive to increase their mobile presence KLI continues to launch studies of all shapes and sizes to explore mobile trends. In the process our researchers are gaining intimate knowledge about the general expectations of today’s consumer and the love/hate relationship they’re developing with their favorite retailers.
As they shop on their smartphone or tablet “consumers don’t want to pinch and drag screens around and accidentally click unintended links. They don’t want to be autocorrected or type in 16-digit credit card numbers” says Rebeca Lergier, Sr. User Research Director at KLI. “They’re seeking simplicity; automatic detection, visual cues, one-click checkouts… We’ve gotten to the point where we can see pain points a mile away.”

Consumer Testing in a Mobile World

August 3, 2011 | ipad mCommerce mobile unified user experience research usability

We’ve taken our research methods from the lab and into the wild.
The trends in mobile are changing rapidly. Feature priorities are broad and users’ expectations are demanding. Clients cannot simply take their traditional site and miniaturize it to fit on the screen of a smart phone or they’ll lag behind their competitors.
Our clients understand this and they’re considering their audience as a critical component to developing a successful solution.
In an effort to help our clients evaluate user behavior across form factors and operating systems that exist in this dynamic mobile world, we’ve found a few tools that help us move from the lab and into the wild.

Engaging your Audience: Unlocking and Optimizing Multi-Screen Opportunities

May 11, 2011 | ipad lean forward lean back television unified user experience research usability

We can’t imagine we’re alone as we notice a dramatic change, recently, in the needs of our customers. It seems that rather than independently testing how users consume the lean-back broadcast experience and the lean-forward web and mobile experiences as we did in the past, top brands are seeking our expertise to understand how these two mediums collide and complement one another.
With Nielsen reporting that 60 percent of people surf the web while watching TV, we certainly can’t blame them.
What are we doing at KLI to help our clients take advantage of the multi-screen opportunity?

KLI to Present at UPA Conference in Atlanta on 6/22

April 8, 2011 | usability

Join on June 22 in Atlanta for the annual Usability Professionals Association Conference where we will be running a session titled “Head to Head: Usability Testing With and Without Eye-tracking” Summary of Session: Half of […]

Review of Ethnio

May 26, 2009 | ethnio live recruiting usability

I had a nice call today with the folks at Ethnio. I discovered their “live recruiting” methodology for remote moderated tests and I’m very impressed. The idea of getting real users as they come onto […]

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